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Thank you 6/11/2021

Greetings beloved of the Lord,Thank you for praying for my time in Uganda. As many of you know my time in Uganda was cut short by 4 days due to the president of Uganda (he is really a dictator) decided to close down the country again beginning Sunday, the day before i was to begin a week of training for another group of pastors. Because if his mandate to close down the country again due to Covid (this is the reason he gave which is totally unfounded) none of the pastors came to the training center for the training. i was at the training center for one and a half days before having to return to Entebbe and catch an early flight home. The lockdown is scheduled for 42 days. This creates an extreme hardship for the Ugandan people. They have already suffered greatly over the first lockdown months ago which lasted for many months. Please pray for the people of Uganda. Once again the churches, schools, universities, and many other places have been placed under this 42 day lockdown. We were able to purchase the property just next to our training center. We are currently negotiating for the next property which would allow us to grow many different crops which would feed the pastors who attend the training as well as raise chickens and rabbits as food source. Once we secure these properties we will be building a wall around the grounds to secure it and the crops and other food sources that we will have. i am scheduled to return to Uganda July 2 which may not happen due to the lockdown. Thank you again beloved, your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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