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Wonderful Work

Thank you so much for praying

Greetings my precious brothers and sisters, i hope that you are doing well and rejoicing in the goodness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

i just returned a few hours ago from a tremendously blessed trip to Trujillo, Peru where i had the privilege of teaching at the Bible college and speaking at a number of events and services.

The Lord is doing a wonderful work through and with this body of believers to bring Him glory and further the Kingdom of God. It is an honor and privilege to be a small part of it.

The week before i arrived pastor Dan Finfrock was there teaching the inductive Bible Study Method to the students and church body which was a great blessing. Then i followed him by teaching on what it is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. What a great way to begin the new semester.

Please keep this work in prayer as they are starting new churches and a new Bible school in Brazil.

please continue to pray for me as i leave this Thursday to return to Uganda to train our teaching pastors the 3rd semester class on Discipleship as well as a number of other things and equip them with more materials.

i am including a letter that one of the students sent to me last night.

Pastor Drew, it was a blessing to meet you and I want to thank God for using you a lot in our lives this week. Through the class, God was very clear in showing me many things in which I must continue to grow to be a true disciple of Him. The class also encouraged me to grow more in my prayer life and I could hear the voice of God telling me what are some of His other plans in my life. You were a good instrument for the Lord. I couldn't say goodbye to you and that made me sad, so that's why I'm sending you this message. God bless you a lot! 🤍

i have an appointment September 13 in Florida for a procedure for my knees, pray that it works. i also have an appointment on September 21 with an orthopedic surgeon concerning my hip.

i do so much appreciate you, your prayers and support.

your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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