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Burma - Prayers and Praise

Greetings beloved of the Lord hope your doing well

Here’s the latest update from pastor Elisha on what’s happening in Burma

My dear beloved in Christ,

Myanmar revolution is worse than ever. It spreads out the whole country. In the mean time, by God's grace, we can carry on the works set before us. All our children go to private school in this kind of difficult situation. No one goes to Government school because of Civil war and going to government school is just wasting time. They learned nothing. We praise God for the precious privileges that our children have.

Beside, we have privileges to care 14 Bible students at Biblical school of Theology and 8 students at Faith Missionary Training School.

In the ministry, we face difference kinds of challenges especially, we have a very dip challenges through the recent trip to Tachileik.

Through this last trip, we are strongly convicted that God has a harvest program. Through the commitment and the Bible teaching of Judah our team member there, the Lord prepared wonderfully the hearts of the people over there.

In the Bible training that we have in the last trip, some other villages also came and invited us to teach the Bible in their villages. We came back with a big challenge from Panpae village because the way they paid attention to the Words of God spoke to us deeply insight our hearts like a mecedonians call to Paul and his group at Troas.

For that reason now, we began in prayer to conduct Bible training at least one month duration there in April 2024. We plan to go there with the Bible students.

Before that in the third week of March, soon after the Bible students finish their seminar 2023-2024 acedemic year, we plan to have a Spiritual wakening conference here in Yangon.

If the Lord open the way for us to go to Mindat, we also would like to visit there in the midst of civil war.

These programs that we set up requires much prayer and strong commitment. We believe that God will continue to prepare and lead us in His way and will and He will take responsible for the needs financially as well.

I write this update with thanks giving for the precious privileges we have of serving our great King till today through your secrificial life and by the offerings of His people. May God the source of everything be in glory.

Please continue to stand with us by prayer

Your co-labor in Christ


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