TWTW  tries to make every resource we have available for free. Below are links to some of the websites we use. There is also a link to our Facebook page.  On our Facebook page we live stream videos and you can access previously recorded videos. We also have a link to our YouTube page with videos, we try to get them up as quickly as we can and please contact us if your ever notice a glitch or bad recording.  Praise God we have the ability to share via these platforms, please continue to keep us in prayer and these technology outlets that we utilize. Thank you!

Live streaming teachings, announcements, contact us

Free online audios and readings that are typically out of print and hard to find

Free online Bible reading, research, audio Bible, etc.

TWTW, School of Discipleship, and Drew Macintyre teachings

Free online audio sermons, books, teachings

Free online audios, sermons,


Free online download of Bible reading and resources so you can access without internet