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Semester 1

Please utilize the homework layout and syllabus for following the class. Contact us if you have any questions or need help

Scripture: Read each selection of scripture daily.

Summarize the chapter and identify the characteristics of Christ 

Week 1: Mark 1

Week 2: Mark 2

Week 3: Mark 3

Week 4: Mark 4

Week 5: Mark 5

Week 6: Mark 6

Week 7: Mark 7

Week 8: Mark 8

Week 9: Mark 9

Week 10: Mark 10

Week 11: Mark 11

Week 12: Mark 12

Week 13: Mark 13

Week 14: Mark 14

Week 15: Mark 15

Week 16: Mark 16

Way of the Master
Please refer to our "Way of The Master" page under the "School of Discipleship" drop down.
Get the password from your instructor or email Drew Macintyre at

Teachings: View one teaching each week and take notes. 

pdf's at the bottom are study guides to help you take notes (the mind pdf is for all 3 mind teachings)

Articles: Read and notate what stood out to you.

Books: Read each book and it's corresponding chapter. Notate what stood out to you

Handouts: Read and notate what stood out to you

Self Confrontation requires you to purchase it, if you are unable to afford or have any issues with this,

please let us know and we will help, this book is vital to the instruction in the course. 

Audio: Listen to the audio. Take notes. 

55 Why We Believe
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Former Quotes you can read & copy

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