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Burma update

Greetings beloved of the Lord,

i wanted to give you all an update on what is going on in Burma.

During Wednesday night Bible study i received word from pastor Elisha that 2 young men (one of them my student from previous training) had traveled north to Myndt to help those being persecuted heavily by the military and they were murdered by the military. Please pray for their families.

We have been assisting our brothers and sisters as the Lord provides the funds.

We sent offerings last week and pastor Elisha was able to purchase rice, cooking oil and other necessities to help the people.i have included his recent update and some photos. Please be sensitive to posting them on social media, you jeopardize the safety of those in the photos.

The most important thing that you can do for them is to consistantly pray for them.

We are sending more assistance today and in the days to come as the Lord provides.

Pastor Elisha's words and photos:

Yes, we have used up all. At the moment we received funds from you, we bought rice, cooking oil, and salt. We have distributed to the 4 differents places related to our ministry. We have distributed to more than 200 families. Many people don't have works and no food to eat. Some families eat food once a day. We also distributed Are you a good person? tracts and share God's love and pray for the destitutes. I feel not good for our people are more deeply in trouble but at the same time, I am very glad that we have a privilege of helping the desperate need of others through your helping hands. Our heartfelt thanks go to all the helping hands God has been using.

According to my observation, taking photos can cause many problems. It is not free at the same time. We need to be careful. Only when the situation permits we take pictures. But we will send you even more for accountability if we can take some more but we have to know that it can be a stumbling block for God's service as well. And it is impossible for us to help all who need help. So, we will continue to supply only who are really without food. We look carefully the desperate needy families in each field because we want to use the resources God gives as precious as possible. At this time, we especially want to help our brothers and the people in Mindat as much as we can because they are desperately in need of help.

May the Lord continue to bless you all for His kingdom's sake.

This has also given them the opportunity to share Christ with everyone that they minister the food to. You can see in some of the photos the "Are you a good person?" tract that we had translated and thousands printed. People are seeing that Christ is the only hope for them.

your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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