It' that time again...

Greetings beloved of the Lord, i hope that you are doing well and dwelling in the secret place of the Lord (Psalm 91). Its that time again, the beginning of a new semester here at the School of Discipleship, and you know what that means? 16 weeks of great quotes from godly men and women from the past and a few from the present. i also wanted to let you know that our Tuesday night Bible study through Ephesians is being moved to Wednesday night to accommodate first semester class at our school of discipleship. It will be every Wednesday night at 6 pm California time beginning this Wednesday. And can be viewed on our Facebook page or Youtube. also i will be teaching at CCOA this Sunday 9:30 am which can also be viewed on the above sites. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you beloved. your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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