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Message from Myanmar

Greetings beloved of the Lord, i just received this update from pastor Elisha in Myanmar. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters. Dear Drew, The situation of Myanmar is worse day by day. The people are strugling for their daily food. Sturvation, injustice and oppression fill the whole country. The people really need food suppliers. The brutal military junta have il-treated and killed more than 600 peaceful protesters. They have robed many houses, taken away their precious possessions, and destroyed several stores. They have arrested several good leaders and CDM but released several criminals. They have manipulated gang leaders to stand in their side. They could persuate the worse group of gang in our local area. The protecters become the robers. At any time, they can accuse, rob, kill and persecute the armless people like us. Humanly speaking like the twelve spies of Moses, we are in the very danger situation because we are the tribal Christians who are reaching Buddhist people with the Gospel of Christ. But from the Divine points of view like Joshua and Caleb, we are not left alone to fight the battle by our own. God is with us and He is greater than our problem. Without His permission, even a single sparrow never fall to the ground. We are in His mighty Hand. He is our refuge. We praise God for His protection and guidance through out this hour. It is always good to know that you are standing with us by prayers and by supporting financially. Your encouragement with the Words are so precious and meaningful to us always. As we open up our heart in seeking Divine guidance for how to step our day to day ministering, we continue to move as the Lord leads. At this time I would like to share with you how Lord give us lessons recently to our family. Last month, when the main battle took place in Hlaingtharyar our township, our relattives, friends and families wanted us to flee away to Mizoram which is one state of India. At that time, we did not decide at once but prayed to God first. And after praying the Lord gave us a peaceful hearts and put something in our mind. "Isn't it God who called us and placed us here? " the question came to our hearts like this. Out of many lessons, a clear one that we learned is from Abraham. As he obeyed a call, the Lord revealed himself to him when he arrived Canan and the Lord confirmed a Land promise to him but at once, he began to face famine. At that time, he did a big mistake, he went to Egypt to find some food without trusting God who called and placed him to Canan instead. That's way, he should alie, he lost his wife for a night and suffered alot till today Isamuel and Isaac's descendants. That's why, we made a decision not to flee but to stand strong for the people in the mimistries. Till this morning, we joyfully serve the people. We always amaze God's wonderful work to our lives. Morning by morning new mercy we see. But we sent back some children because their parents and relatives were so worry for them. Please continue to pray for us that each and everyone might work hard faithfully as the Lord leads. In Christ, Elisha
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