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Mexico update April 30th

Greetings Beloved of the Lord,

i am resending this message because for some reason my first attempt in sending it did not go through.

If you already received it then you can diisregard this one.

Greetings beloved of the Lord.i want to begin by thanking you for praying for my time in Mexico and ask that you continue to pray for the brethren in Burma. i just received this from Elisha in Burma, also note that we have been sending aid to our brethren in Burma and will continue to do so as the Lord permits. There is an excellent movie that i strongly reccommend that you watch called "Free Burma Rangers" it depicts the struggle that has been going on in Burma for many years. My beloved brothers and sisters, Civil war is taking place in Mindat right now in between military junta and Civil defence force. Brother Andrew BH 4 and Ling Khaw Gei BH9 and their families are desperately in need of your prayer support. Please pray that they might have peace and see the wonderful works of God in the midst of war. In Christ, Elisha Concerning the time in Mexico, it was a blessed time being with pastor Edgard, his wife Lili and son Mateus and the body of believers at CC Cancun. i have been going there many years now and they are all like family to me. Along with being able to participate in a baptism they had on Saturday, i was also privileged with bringing the message Sunday morning and afternoon services. The church continues to grow and thrive there and it is a blessing to be part of what the Lord is doing. i leave tonight to visit my son Jonathan and his wife Courtney in Boca Raton Florida. i will also be teaching at the Calvary Chapel there on Saturday and would appreciate your prayers. your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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