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Thank you for praying 6/21/2021

Greetings beloved of the Lord, i hope that you are doing well and resting in the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. i would like to begin by thanking the Lord for His faithfulness to hear and answer your prayers concerning my time in Colombia. i just returned yesterday and even though it was short in time, it was very fruitful. i was able to visit a wonderful work on an island called Tierra Bomba. The island had served as a stop over place for slave traders many years ago. Calvary Chapel of Cartagena started a Bible study there a few years ago and that has grown into a church with another starting in another location on the island and a school for children. The need is tremendous there and the Lord is using His servants to meet the need and bring Salvation to the people of the island. i was also able to spend valuable time with the leadership of the church in Cartagena and do some training on the inductive Bible Study Method and Discipleship along with teaching at the Saturday night service and 2 Sunday services. On another note, i will be leaving for Merida, Mexico in the morning to teach, encourage and serve and i would greatly appreciate your prayers for the short 4 days that i will be there. Next Thursday July 29, i will be returning to Uganda and would also appreciate your prayers for my time there. i am including an update from pastor Elisha that i received today on what is happening in Burma. We are sending help every week to our brothers and sisters there. Please also continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Cuba and Cambodia as they are suffering greatly. Dear Freinds, The death numbers of Covid 19 are rapidly increasing day by day. Within a week, it reach at one thousand to more than two thousands daily. Today, 2014 died in Yangon. It's been one week that we are working hard without resting day and night to search for Oxygen for the covid patients around us. By the grace of God and through the commitment of our Shwelinpan church member who works in Oxygen factory, we could supply who are urgently in need of oxygen in our ministries and our neighborhoods. But the covid patients among Millitary coup are increasing, so they have over taken some factories and the people have to line the whole day and night to get one bottle of oxygen. We have to line along time before pharmacy. While people are suffering alot, things are getting higher day by day. We order oxygen concentrator from India with $2100 but that may be in our hands only in the new month of August. That is not also sure because the junta block those import from the boarders. As Jesus first and second commandment was to love God and to love others. This is the best time to show His Love to others. By the grace of God, in the midst of great suffering, we have shown His wonderful love to many people through your generous giving. As long as the Lord gives us privilege, we will continue to work hard for the real needy people in our ministries. If anyone wants us to visit to their house to pray, we will continue as we have been doing. Inevitably, we have cared the covid patients continually. We don't want to leave someone helpless. Everyday, my phone dials more than a hundred times. I am very exausted tonight because the dead body was responsible for me today. I hope I may have a new strength tomorrow morning. Please continue to pray for us that we might bring the Light in darkness and free many spiritual bondage and learn so many lessons through the most terrible time which Myanmar is facing. While we are fighting hardly covid third wave, in Mindat township many are in lack of food supply. Andrew called me this morning that they have shared all that they have stored because they can not leave the people who are really without food. Ofcourse, some NGO food supply arrived there in Mindat but they could just distribute under the guidline of the Millitary Junta. And the real needy people don't receive any help from them. Please continue to pray for them as well. In Christ, Elisha One final note beloved, our School of Discipleship is beginning a new first semester class Tuesday August 17 from 6-9 pm (California time). With technology we are able to offer this class anywhere in the world for those who have internet capability. Most of the material for the class can be accessed on our website as well as an application You can contact me if you have any questions concerning the class. your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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