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Thank you (Mexico) 7/27/2021

Greetings beloved of the Lord, God is good all the time.

i would like to thank you for partnering with me in this ministry through your prayers and giving, it is much appreciated.

i just returned from a very fruitful and blessed trip to Meriida, Mexico. Though it was short in length of time it was full of blessed opportunities to minister.

The Lord is doing a wonderful work in Mexico and it is an honor and privilege to be part of it.

i will be leaving early Thursday morning for Uganda and will be ministering in various capacities. i would greatly appreciate your prayers as i meet with my fellow co-workers at the training center as we look at starting a Bible school along with training of pastors as we have been doing now for almost a year.

Pray that the lockdown ends this week and people are once again able to meet in churches and schools and of course the training center.

On different note, a reminder that the first semester of our School of Discipleship is beginning Tuesday August 17 at 6-9 pm California time and will run for 16 weeks. We have students from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Florida, and other parts of the world joining us. You are invited to join and begin the journey of following the Call of Christ to Follow Me (Jesus). Further information can be accessed at our website

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Burma, Cambodia, Cuba, and many other parts of the world where great suffering is occuring.

Thank you beloved, your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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