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Uganda January 2021

Greetings beloved of the Lord, as i am preparing to depart for home from Uganda, i wanted to send you a quick update and thank you for praying.

We had our largest group of pastors attend the training at the training center 29.

We are equipped to handle 33, but still lack one set of bunkbeds.

This group of pastors came from many miles away taking some of them 10 hours to get to the training center. Most were able to arrive Sunday day and night which was a blessing so they could rest well that night and be prepared for Monday morning at 5am.

These pastors were hungry for the Word and work of the Lord. Once again i taught through the Gospel of John and basic foundational doctrines which many of them lack. We also have them read through the Voice of the Martyrs book "Extreme Devotion". We only have 31 of these books so they can only read through them while attending the training center. One of the photos show them holding this book in front of the VOM poster.

A precious brother provided an army mail bag with the inscription Servant of Christ on it and a t-shirt and other valuables. The pastors were greatly blessed by this gift.

We are scheduled to bring a new group of pastors in each month of this year to train them. Once all have received the first training we will have them return and teach through the Book of Genesis and other ministry basics.

Also pictured is part of our kitchen crew that has done a fantastic job feeding us for 6 days for about $360 which averages out to be less than one dollar per meal per pastor.

Thank thank you again for praying.

As you know, many changes are happening in our world and we need to be urgently doing the Lord's work while we still can.

We are planning on taking a medical team to Uganda in April and would ask that you pray for this.

your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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