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Update on Pastor center and prayer request

Greetings beloved of the Lord, i hope that you are doing well and walking with the Lord Jesus Christ. As i am leaving tomorrow morning for Uganda to train another group of pastors at our training center in Kobwin, i would ask that you be in prayer for this time. Please pray for safe travel for all the pastors that will be attending; Spiritual wisdom and understanding as they are taught the foundations of faith through the Gospel of John; For all the material that i will be taking with me: For all the staff at the training center as we work hard day and night to minister to these dear brethren; For my travels and many opportunities to share Christ with any and everyone. And for anything else the Spirit leads you to pray for. i greatly appreciate your partnership in this ministry. We are going ahead and purchasing the property immediately next to our center and will be negotiating with the owner of the next property to acquire it also before we begin to build the security wall around the center and plant fruit trees and crops for feeding the pastors. One final note, please continue to pray for the brethren in Burma, it continues to be a dire situation there. We are sending help on a regular basis. i strongly urge you to watch the movie "Free Burma Rangers", it is the best movie ever made in my humble opinion with many important Biblical truths through out the movie. your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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