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Update on Uganda medical outreach

Greetings beloved of the Lord,

i want to begin by giving thanks and all glory to the Lord for the wonderful way in which He blessed our recent medical outreach trip to Uganda and to thank you for your prayers and support for this great evangelistic outreach.

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful team of 8 from the USA and Mexico along with our Ugandan brothers and sisters.

We conducted 5 clinics in 5 different locations treating over 2600 people. That was over an average of 500 people a day. The last 2 clinics we had hundreds of cases of Malaria, a disease that kills more people yearly than any other.

Each team member paid their own way there and back and also paid for the medicine; food, transportation, translators; glasses that were given out for free; accomodations; everything. There were a few people outside of the team that contributed toward the costs as well.

Every person that came to the clinics heard a clear uncompromised Gospel message. This is always the primary reason for which we do all that we do.

Pastors David and James did a wonderful job in organizing each clinic and then presenting the Gospel to thousands of people.

Then the people were able to see the Love of God lived out through the lives of the team that treated them totally free of any charge. This is the Gospel in action.

i was blessed to once again have my son Paul be part of the team as well as DJ, Kim, Gina, Damaris, Sheree, and Susie along with our Ugandan counterparts David, James, Emma, Paul, Sophie and others.

Thank you for praying and please continue to pray for these souls and for future outreaches.

i had the privilege of praying with an eighty year old woman who was hunched over to surrender her life to Christ, she had great joy after we prayed.

i am including a few pictures of our time.

Please keep me in prayer as i will be home only 3 days before leaving for Mexico this Thursday to encourage and teach. then home for 2 days then off to Florida to visit my son and daughter and teach and then home for 2 days then back to Uganda to train pastors at our pastor training center.

your fellow servant in Christ, drew

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